Electronics information

At this time we offer 4 different types of electronics. So what should you choose? This page is to help you with your decision.

What do you need?
The first question to ask is what you need. If you are building a 'normal' 3D printer, chances are you don't need an advanced type of electronics. If you have specific requirements, you may want to investigate a more advanced type of electronics.

Why ReprapWorld.Com electronics?
We are determined in supplying cheap, but high quality electronics. Next to the 'main-stream' (and older) electronics as RAMPS and Sanguinololu, we also supply our own lines of electronics: Minitronics and megatronics. Everything is open-source as we believe in a community driven improvement process. If you are a reseller or manufacturer of 3D printers, you may have specific requirements regarding your electronics. Feel free to contact us for customization of electronics to fit your needs.

Product comparison
The following list is to help you compare the electronics. If you need more information, you can contact our technical support.

  Megatronics Minitronics RAMPS Sanguinololu Remarks

Megatronics is based on
many famous open-source
products including: Arduino
Mega, RAMPS, SD Ramps.

Designed to be an easy to use
, compact and smart solution
to fit 90% of the 3D-printers

Designed to fit the entire
electronics needed for a
RepRap in one small
package for low cost.
Small design - board is 100mm
x 50mm (4" x 2") - barely
an inch longer than a business card!
Costs € 104.99 € 64.99
Best price/quality
€ 49.99 € 79.99

This is the price for the
electronics incl. stepper
drivers excl. VAT

Dimensions 11x9.5x1.8cm 9.5x5.5x1.8cm 10x6x5cm 10x5x3cm  
Microprocessor Atmega2560 Atmega1281 Atmega2560/Atmega1280 Atmega644P For RAMPS it depends
on the Arduino Mega
Speed 16Mhz 16Mhz 16Mhz 16Mhz  
Memory 256KB 128KB 256KB/128KB 64KB For RAMPS it depends
on the Arduino Mega
Arduino Compatible Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Sanguinololu is not
supported by recent
Arduino versions
MOSFETs 6 4 3 2  
Thermistors 4 2 3 2  
Endstops 6 3 6 3  
Stepper drivers 6 5 4 on-board, 1 external 5 4  

2 And supports 3 externally


0 Can support 2 externally

Sound Yes No No No  
LCD Connector Yes No Can be connected
Keypad connector Yes No Yes No  
SD Card Yes No No
External SD card
Yes No
Yes No  
External stepper drivers support Yes Yes (1)
No No  
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