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Minitronics v1.1 - Prusa/MendelMax kit

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- Minitronics v1.1 - Prusa/MendelMax kit
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Arduino IDE Guide

Minitronics is the latest development of It's designed to be an easy to use, compact and smart solution to fit 90% of the 3D-printers. Unlike the Megatronics, which targets at the advanced range of usages, the Minitronics is plug and plug, which will fit the needs of the average user better.

Minitronics has a powerful Atmega1281 processor with 128 KB memory, running at 16Mhz. The board can be connected to a PC using a normal USB cable. It will register as FTDI FT232R device. The board is compatible with Arduino and will therefor be easily programmed from the Arduino IDE.

This kit includes, besides the Minitronics board, a fan to cool the board and a cable with ATX connector to connect the board to your power supply. The board is bootloaded with a adjusted Marlin version, but you probably need to tweak some settings. You can download a adjusted Marlin version from the software downloads section.

See the reprap wiki for detailed instructions:

This is a kit with all electronics required to build your first (and second) printer.

Kit contents
This product is a set of the following items:
Quantity Product
5x NEMA17 Stepper motor 1.8 degrees step / 4.8 kg/cm
1x 4-wire cable with ATX connector (50cm)
1x Axial Fan 40x40x10mm 12V
3x Opto endstop
5x 4-wire cable, Red Blue Green Black (1m)
3x 3-wire cable, Red Black Yellow (1m)
1x Thermistor 100K pre-crimped wire (1m)
1x Heater wire Red 1m (rated 18A)
1x Heater wire black 1m (rated 18A)
1x Heatshrink Black 20cm, 1.5mm bore, 0.5mm shrunken
1x Minitronics v1.1 - Board
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Minitronics v1.1 - Prusa/MendelMax kit
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