Creality 3D

Ender-3 V2 Neo

Improved version of the popular Ender-3 V2
  • Automatic bed leveling
  • Full-metal extruder
  • Belt tensioners
  • PC magnetic printbed
  • Improved UI with preview
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Product description

The Ender-3 v2 Neo is a compact 3D printer by Creality 3D to start your 3D printing adventure with excellent improvements over the original Ender-3 v2, including auto bed leveling with the new CR-touch module and an new and improved user interface with more usability options like 3D print preview. Also the full-metal extruder end new build plate will make 3D printing even more fun for you.

As you can expect the familiar features of the Ender-3 v2 are included as well. For example the belt tensioner knobs for X and Y axis allow you to easily increase or decrease the tension to improve print quality are still there, as well as the handy tool drawer. Also the compact and sturdy design of the frame have not changed. However, the Neo will make printing much easier thanks to the CR touch module, which makes manual bed leveling almost obsolete. The new full-metal extruder system improves the filament feed dramatically for faster 3D printing.

Of course, like most 3D printers these days does the v2 Neo come with USB-C, MicroSD card and powerloss recovery. And printing up to 260 ᵒC is not a problem for the machine, so you can enjoy printing the standard 3D print materials like PLA and PETG. However the flexible magnetic bed system makes removing 3D prints very easy and the user-interface has been improved and is now also capable of showing a preview of the 3D print. So choose the Creality 3D Ender-3 v2 Neo as your new 3D printer now! Also don't forget to include some high-quality PLA filament to dive into your exciting advneture!


General properties
gtin 6971636405399
Color Black
Series Ender
Type Ender3 V2 Neo
Nozzle properties
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
Max. hot-end temperature 260 °C
3D printer properties
Printer Geometry Cartesian
Layer resolution 0.1 mm
Max. printing speed

Maximum speed for printing moves of the machine, so while extruding filament.

120 mm/s
Max. heated bed. temp. 100 °C
Type of 3D printer FDM/FFF
Bed movement direction

The direction the buildplate moves. Most printers move the build plate in the Y-axis direction. This is a simpler design, but gives problems at greater build height, because the inertia of the mass of the buildplate + 3D print impact the quality of the layers, requiring you to limit the speed. Other printers move in the Z-axis, allowing you to print faster without trading quality of the layer build-up.

Display type 4.3" Color LCD
Type of control interface Rotary encoder with push button

A SD Card in your printer will allow you to store prints and print them directly from SD. This is more reliable than a USB connection and allows you to power down your computer.

Heated bed

A heated bed is important to reduce Warping and have a better adhesion of the 3D print to the print bed.

More info

Auto Bed Leveling

The auto bed leveling feature will probe the buildplate on a few different points. This allows the 3D printer to detect deviations in the buildplate and adjust the print accordingly. This makes is much easier to start a print as you don't have to manually adjust the bed position.

Filament sensor

Detect if you have run out of filament or that the filament is broken.

Electrical specifications
Input voltage 100/240 V
Max. Power rating 350 W
Extruder properties
Number of extruders 1
Extruder type

Bowden printers feed filament through a tube as opposed to Direct Drive systems. This adds important advantages (faster printing) and disadvantages (higher filament retraction settings). You can find more information on Direct Drive and Bowden systems, Click here


Spare PartsSpare Parts

Find useful replacement parts and components for the Ender-3 V2 Neo. Ensure smooth operation and keep your Ender-3 V2 Neo in the best condition with our series of spare parts. Easily order spare parts for replacement or to store in your inventory.

Extruder parts

104NT-4-R025H42G Semitec Thermistor 100K - NTC
High heat resistance and sensitive 100K Thermistor
  $ 3.30
Thermistor 100K pre-crimped wire (1m)
Easy assembly of you extruder
  $ 6
Axial Fan|40x40x10 mm / 24 V
Generic 40x40x10 mm Axial fan
  $ 4.50
Ceramic Heater Cartridge ( 150 cm)|24 V / 40 W / Red
Heating element compatible with most extruders.
  $ 6.20
Radial Fan 40x40x10mm 24V
  $ 8.40
PC4-M10 - Push Fitting for 4mm PTFE tubing
Straight fitting for PTFE tubing, compatible with Creality hotends
  $ 3.40
PTFE tubing for 1.75 mm 3D filament|TL Tube / 100 cm
High quality Capricorn PTFE tube set
  $ 12.50
PTFE tubing for 1.75 mm 3D filament|XS tube / 100 cm
High quality Capricorn PTFE tube set
  $ 12.50
PTFE tube for 1.75 mm filament|2/4mm tube / 150cm
General purpose PTFE tubing
  $ 16.75
Bowden Dual Gear Extruder
Micro Swiss
High-quality dual-gear extruder body upgrade
  $ 49

Build plates and print surfaces

CR20 (PRO) Ultrabase carbon build plate ( 235x235x4mm )
Creality 3D
Original CR20 Ultrabase glass sheet upgrade
  $ 22.75
Ender 3 Polypropylene build plate ( 235x235mm )
Creality 3D
Original polypropylene build surface for Creality 3D CR-20 (pro) or Ender 3 (pro)
  $ 17.75
Original  Ender 3 replacement print sticker|235x235mm
Creality 3D
Replacement stick sheet for Creality 3D Ender 3 / Pro
  $ 12.50


Discover all the parts and accessories that you can use with the Ender-3 V2 Neo. These products are here to support your project at every step of the way. Select premium supplies that provide expert solutions.

Extruder parts

Brass Nozzle - MK8|0.40 mm / 1.75 mm
Generic MK8 nozzle compatible with many 3D printers
  $ 6.50
Wear Resistant Nozzle for MK8|M6 / 0.4 mm / 1.75 mm
Micro Swiss
High-quality wear resistant MK8 -compatible nozzle
  $ 16
CHT® Coated Brass Nozzle MK8 compatible|1.75 mm / 0.40 mm
The high-performance nozzle with superior melting features compatible with a range of hot ends
  $ 18.50


High-quality PLA filament|Red 1.75 mm / 1 kg
REAL Filament
Best choice PLA filament for the best results
  $ 27.50
PETG - Starters kit Real opaque|1.75mm / 1 kg / 8 colors
REAL Filament
Your favorite eight PETG opaque colors for a great price!
  $ 184.50
PLA - Popular pack Real|1.75mm / 1 kg / 4 colors
REAL Filament
The most popular PLA colors with a big discount
  $ 97
Discover pack mixed filaments|1.75mm / 5 materials
Discover new exciting materials in 1.75mm for your 3D printer
  $ 136.50
Aesthetic pack mixed filaments|1.75mm / 6 colors
Six amazing filaments in a discount package
  $ 123
High-quality PLA filament|Black 1.75 mm / 1 kg
REAL Filament
Best choice PLA filament for the best results
  $ 27.50
High-quality PETG filament|Blue 1.75 mm / 1 kg
REAL Filament
Great PETG for general purpose 3D printing, great results and no warping
  $ 27.50
RepRapFilament PLA|Red 1.75 mm / 1 kg
Great value PLA filament by ReprapWorld
  $ 17

Buildplate Adhesives

Adhesion spray 400ml|ABS, PLA and PETG
Your best defense against warping and prints loosening from the bed
  $ 10.30
Plus Adhesion spray 100ml|ABS, PLA and PETG
Your best defense against warping and prints loosening from the bed
  $ 6.70

Lubrication and maintenance

Super lube ( 7 ml )
Perfect for lubrication of bearings and linear sliders
  $ 6.70


Boost your Ender-3 V2 Neo with the necessary upgrades for top performance. Find all the necessary peripherals and components here for a heightened work process. Successfully increase your productivity and assure the highest level of quality!

Extruder parts

High-temperature heater block
Micro Swiss
High-quality heater block upgrade
  $ 21

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