Saturn S

Upgraded LCD resin 3D printer for creating detailed large models in record time
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Product description

The Saturn S 3D printer is the upgraded version of the original Elegoo Saturn LCD printer. This resin printer has received outstanding changes that make 3D printing even more of a breeze, allowing you to embark on more professional-level projects. Create and design without size restrictions thanks to the spacious build volume!

The Elegoo Saturn S 3D printer has received some upgrades for an even better 3D printing experience. The 3D printer can achieve extremely detailed results using the installed matrix light source that consists of 54 UV LEDs. This is crucial for 3D printing accuracy as the light beam produces a wavelength of 405 nm. Furthermore, you can also expect very smooth surfaces that are bonded exceptionally well.

This 3D printer is very stable and is made to last with a sturdy structure. There is a dual linear rail that lowers the chances of layer shifting while also ensuring steady guided movements for high precision 3D printing. With the Elegoo Saturn S 3D printer, you can expect an impressive accuracy of 0.00125 mm. Speed is also guaranteed with the 9.1-inch 4K monochrome LCD display that has a resolution of 4098 x 2560. Every layer is produced in merely 2-3 seconds!

This is the machine for creating large prototypes, artworks, and designs in a short amount of time. The spacious build volume of 196 x 122 x 210 mm provides all the space to fully print sizable parts. This will save you a lot of time so that you no longer have to rely on printing multiple smaller parts that will still require to be assembled. The 3D printer is also equipped with a replaceable activated charcoal filter to keep resin odors at bay so that you can print safely.  

A great slicer that is compatible with Elegoo 3D printers is the Chitubox slicer. Once you have created a resin 3D model, post-processing is the final step. With the Wash & Cure 2.0 you can safely achieve this step in one go! 

  • Faster 3D printing
  • Matrix light source
  • Large build volume
  • High printing accuracy
  • Activated Charcoal filter


General properties
gtin 8719345016202
mpn 14.0017.09
Series Saturn
Type Saturn S
3D printer properties

The maximum volume what can be 3D printed with this machine. This normally is almost the size of the printbed times the height the head can be above the bed.

19.6x12.2x21.0 cm
Printer Geometry Cartesian
Layer resolution 0.0125 mm
Type of 3D printer SLA/DLP
Z-axis support

For most entry-level, smaller 3D printers this is a single threaded rod. For bigger machines the Z-axis moves with two rods, while 3D printers with a bed plate that moves in the Z-axis typically have three or four rods to move.

Single rod
Bed movement direction

The direction the buildplate moves. Most printers move the build plate in the Y-axis direction. This is a simpler design, but gives problems at greater build height, because the inertia of the mass of the buildplate + 3D print impact the quality of the layers, requiring you to limit the speed. Other printers move in the Z-axis, allowing you to print faster without trading quality of the layer build-up.

Product Dimensions 280x240x446 mm
SLA Properties
UV Source UV-LED
UV Wavelength 405 nm
LCD Display technology Monochrome LCD
Screen size

Size of the diagonal of the display in inch.

9.1 "
Screen resolution

Number of pixels (points) of the display in the length and width

Resin LCD type

Type is display used to emit UV light

4K Monochrome LCD
Display type 3.5" LCD Screen
Type of control interface Touch screen

This machine has an enclosure to protect the print or product from outside influences.

Electrical specifications
Input voltage 110/240 V
Operating voltage 24 V
Current 4 A
Max. Power rating 96 W

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Tools and supplies

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Spare PartsSpare Parts

Find useful replacement parts and components for the Saturn S. Ensure smooth operation and keep your Saturn S in the best condition with our series of spare parts. Easily order spare parts for replacement or to store in your inventory.

Controller boards and electronics

Saturn S - 9.1
Elegoo original LCD screen for the Saturn S
  $ 127.50


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Lubrication and maintenance

Super lube ( 7 ml )
Perfect for lubrication of bearings and linear sliders
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