The 3D printer for personal and professional prototyping
  • Dual-extrusion
  • 3.5” touch screen
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 240°C nozzles
  • Flexible build plate
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$ 827.75  excl VAT
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High-quality PLA filament|Black 1.75 mm / 1 kg
REAL Filament
High-quality PLA filament
Black 1.75 mm / 1 kg
Best choice PLA filament for the best results
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Product description

Explore 3D printing with the Flashforge Inventor Dual Extruder 3D printer. Flashforge has developed an impressive 3D printer that makers can use to create realistic prototypes and intricate designs. This 3D printer arrives pre-assembled and can be used for education or professional prototyping.

Discover a plug-and-play 3D printer perfect for DIY projects as well as more advanced-level 3D printing. With a dual extruder, you can simultaneously 3D print with two colors, or with two filament materials. This is ideal for more complex 3D models that may need support filament for bridging and overhangs. Furthermore, using two colors will largely benefit your project allowing you to create more sophisticated designs with higher detailing. Having an enclosed 3D printer comes with a lot of benefits. An enclosure is great for general safety since extruders can reach very high temperatures. Enclosures will also trap fumes and prevent heat leaks.

The Flashforge Inventor 3D printer has a detachable and flexible build plate so that you can swiftly remove your 3D models in just a few seconds. There is Wi-Fi, USB, and SD card connectivity options for monitoring and managing your 3D prints from a distance. With the resume print function, the 3D printer will always have its progress saved and pick up from where it halted in case of a power outage. 

Print filament materials successfully up to a nozzle temperature of 240°C. The maximum build plate temperature is 120°C. The total build volume is 230 mm x 150 mm x 160 mm.


General properties
GTIN 6970152950192
Type Inventor
3D printer properties
Layer resolution 0.05 mm
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
Filament types ABS,PETG,PLA
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Printer Geometry Cartesian
Number of extruders 2
Max. hot-end temperature 240 °C
Max. heated bed. temp. 120 °C
Extruder type

Bowden printers feed filament through a tube as opposed to Direct Drive systems. This adds important advantages (faster printing) and disadvantages (higher filament retraction settings). You can find more information on Direct Drive and Bowden systems, Click here


The maximum volume what can be 3D printed with this machine. This normally is almost the size of the printbed times the height the head can be above the bed.

23x15x16 cm
Type of 3D printer FDM/FFF
Nozzle type MK10
Product Dimensions 485x344x382 mm
Type of control interface Touch screen
Display type 3.5" LCD Screen

A SD Card in your printer will allow you to store prints and print them directly from SD. This is more reliable than a USB connection and allows you to power down your computer.

Heated bed

A heated bed is important to reduce Warping and have a better adhesion of the 3D print to the print bed.

More info

Auto Bed Leveling

The auto bed leveling feature will probe the buildplate on a few different points. This allows the 3D printer to detect deviations in the buildplate and adjust the print accordingly. This makes is much easier to start a print as you don't have to manually adjust the bed position.


This feature allows your printer to be controlled over a WIFI network. You can execute movements as well as start a print.


This machine has an enclosure to protect the print or product from outside influences.

Electrical specifications
Input voltage 110/240 V
Operating voltage 24 V
Max. Power rating 300 W
$ 827.75  excl VAT

Spare PartsSpare Parts

Find useful replacement parts and components for the Inventor. Ensure smooth operation and keep your Inventor in the best condition with our series of spare parts. Easily order spare parts for replacement or to store in your inventory.

Extruder parts

Radial Fan 40x40x10mm 24V
  $ 7.80
PC4-M10 - Push Fitting for 4mm PTFE tubing
Straight fitting for PTFE tubing, compatible with Creality hotends
  $ 2.60


Discover all the parts and accessories that you can use with the Inventor. These products are here to support your project at every step of the way. Select premium supplies that provide expert solutions.


High-quality PLA filament|Black 1.75 mm / 1 kg
REAL Filament
Best choice PLA filament for the best results
  $ 22
RepRapFilament PLA|Red 1.75 mm / 1 kg
Great value PLA filament by ReprapWorld
  $ 16.50

Buildplate Adhesives

Adhesion spray 400ml|ABS, PLA and PETG
Your best defense against warping and prints loosening from the bed
  $ 10
Plus Adhesion spray 100ml|ABS, PLA and PETG
Your best defense against warping and prints loosening from the bed
  $ 6.50

Lubrication and maintenance

Super lube ( 7 ml )
Perfect for lubrication of bearings and linear sliders
  $ 6.50


Boost your Inventor with the necessary upgrades for top performance. Find all the necessary peripherals and components here for a heightened work process. Successfully increase your productivity and assure the highest level of quality!

Extruder parts

Heatbreak for FlashForge Finder / Inventor 2 / Guider 2|Micro Swiss hot end
Micro Swiss
Official Micro Swiss heatbreak replacement for the MicroSwiss FlashForge 1.75mm hotend.
  $ 16.50

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