A30 Pro

The ultrasilent machine for achieving an exceptional level of detail
  • Dual-Z axis
  • Silent printing
  • Extremely accurate
  • Spacious build volume
  • Max. temperature of 250°C
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Product description

Discover the Geetech A30 Pro 3D printer. With an accuracy of 0.1 mm you can expect to capture the full detail of a 3D model while achieving a nice smooth surface. This is ideal for creating realistic prototypes for art and engineering purposes. 3D print in silence whenever you please thanks to the guaranteed 40dB level.

The A30 Pro 3D printer by Geeetech has many interesting attributes that we are excited to share with you. With a dual-Z axis, there is extra stability and accuracy in movement. This is supported by the photoelectric limit switch which enables the print head to be properly positioned above the print surface, ensuring accurate high quality 3D models. The MicroSD card allows you to store many files that are easily accessible for stand alone 3D printing. 

The 360° ventilation design is in place to effectively dissipate heat near the hot end for excellent looking prints, eliminating any curling or warping. The build volume of the A30 Pro  is 320 x320 x420 mm, qualifying as a large 3D printer. With a big 3D printer, you can directly 3D print a large model without separately printing smaller pieces for later assembly. This saves time and also ensures strength through being bound by filament layers directly.

The 3D printer has larger leveling nuts than the previous version to ensure easy bed adjustments. Furthermore, the screen has received many upgrades too. The brightness can be adjusted to save energy. The screen is also a touch screen and can have certain parameters customized for efficient utilization. Please take into account that the A30 Pro still requires an upgrade to perform auto-bed leveling and this is not initially provided with the 3D printer. 


General properties
GTIN 8719345016110
MPN 800-001-0574
Series A30
Type A30 Pro
3D printer properties
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
Filament types ABS,PETG,PLA
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Max. hot-end temperature 250 °C
Max. heated bed. temp. 100 °C

The maximum volume what can be 3D printed with this machine. This normally is almost the size of the printbed times the height the head can be above the bed.

32x32x42 cm
Type of 3D printer FDM/FFF
Product Dimensions 508x545x657 mm
Type of control interface Touch screen
Display type Full color LCD
Filament sensor

Detect if you have run out of filament or that the filament is broken.

Switch type
Electrical specifications
Current 15 A
Input voltage 115/230 V
Operating voltage 24 V
Max. Power rating 360 W
$ 317.50  excl VAT In stock
Only 7 left, order now!


Discover all the parts and accessories that you can use with the A30 Pro. These products are here to support your project at every step of the way. Select premium supplies that provide expert solutions.

Lubrication and maintenance

Super lube ( 7 ml )
Perfect for lubrication of bearings and linear sliders
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