Mercury Plus Wash & Cure Machine v2.0

Ideal solution for finishing your 3D resin print
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    Mercury Curing Machine

    The ideal curing chamber for the efficient and equal curing of every 3D resin

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  • Mercury Curing Machine
  • Mercury Plus Wash & Cure Machine v2.0

    Ideal solution for finishing your 3D resin print

    $ 117.75
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  • Mercury Plus Wash & Cure Machine v2.0
  • Mercury XS Bundle
    washing + curing machine

    Two separate machines to optimize your 3D printing workflow

    $ 190.50
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  • Mercury XS Bundle|washing + curing machine
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Product description

Explore the many features of the Elegoo Wash and Cure machine v2.0 for optimal curing and washing of your LCD, DLP and SLA 3D Resin prints. Finish your 3D print in no-time thanks to the powerful UV LEDs that work in both 385nm and 405nm and therefor are compatible with most types of 3D resin. The Elegoo brand assures a quality machine with long life-time and works for the Mars, Mars Pro, Mars C, photo, photon s and many other 3D printer by different brands.

The very efficient workflow of the Elegoo Wash and Cure 2.0 enables you to almost effortlessly clean your Resin 3D print. You can put multiple 3D prints in the included basket or just mount the printer's build platform on the machine. The latter option mostly avoids you to have contact with uncured resin. You can adjust the platform height to the liquid level in the machine if necessary.

After washing the machine can be set to curing mode. This allows you to select a time and start the curing process, which cures the model in a few minutes depending on the diameter. The rotating turntable makes sure that the object is consistently cured.

The machine is equipped with a protective cover against dust and UV light and will turn off upon opening the cover for safety. We recommend using gloves when handling uncured Resin 3D prints.

  • Silent and easy to use
  • UV blocking cover
  • Two-in-one solution
  • Works with 385nm and 405nm
  • 360° turntable


General properties
sku ELGWC20
Series Mercury
Type Mercury Plus
Product Dimensions 200x200x352 mm
Net. Weight 3800 g
Electrical specifications
Input voltage 100/240 V
Max. Power rating 48 W

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