Jupiter FEP Films
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The original premium FEP film for Elegoo resin 3D printers
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Product description

Discover neat and productive resin 3D printing with the FEP films by Elegoo. The FEP films are in place to ensure that your resin is safely stored. Avoid contaminants from entering and perform consistent high-quality 3D prints with this set of 5 FEP films.

The FEP films by Elegoo have been developed to have great resistance to heat and will last for a long time. Replacing your FEP film should frequently happen to keep your resin 3D prints looking best. How often you replace your film will depend on your resin printing frequency. If you notice that your currently installed FEP film is distorted or bent then it is time to replace it!

For swift installation, follow the instructions on the back of the packaging. If you require extra assistance, we advise that you watch a tutorial on how to replace FEP film.

  • Keeps your vat clean
  • 5 sheets of FEP films
  • Elegoo LCD printers
  • 3x added light transmittance
  • Ensures high-quality 3D models


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5 - 9: excl $ 77.50
10 - 29: excl $ 75.50
30 - : excl $ 73.50
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