Matter and Form

V2 3D scanner

The ultimate fast processing 3D scanner for art and technology
  • User-friendly
  • Highly detailed
  • Fast processing
  • For all 3D printers
  • Windows & macOS
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Product description

The 3D scanner by Matter and Form is the ideal scanner for both beginners and advanced users. This scanner is extremely straightforward to use and scan within just 65 seconds! Create professional level scans, edit them accordingly and proceed to 3D print models identical to reality. Whether you are looking to create artworks, store information or perform reverse engineering, we have the 3D scanner for you!

Matter and Form have developed an advanced 3D scanner that captures information with high precision. The scanner can be used for many projects, including AR and VR purposes as well as playing an important role in educational and learning environments.

Never feel limited with the scanner that has the accuracy of ± 0.1mm. Easily execute scanning, meshing and exporting the file to your 3D printer. This is supported by the MFStudio and +Quickscan software, provided with the Matter and Form V2 3D Scanner.

The scanner itself has a very classy foldable design to effortlessly fit into any workspace. This will also keep your 3D scanner protected at all times while avoiding any contaminants from getting in. The  Matter and Form V2 3D Scanner is compatible with all FDM/FFF 3D printers on the market.


GTIN 0628055059134
Product Dimensions 345x210x85 mm
$ 699.50  excl VAT
Please contact us for an expected shipping date

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