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Keypad v1.0 - Fully Assembled

Upgrade your printer to have a keyboard! excl € 19.99 
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1 - 4: excl € 19.99 
5 - 9: excl € 18.99 
10 - ...: excl € 17.99 
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- Keypad v1.0 - Fully Assembled
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This new component is designed by us. It enables you to control your printer using a keypad. You can hook it up easily to your RAMPS board. You do want to have a LCD to go along with this keypad.

This is the fully assembled board. You can add 10-wire cable including connectors to hook up the board.

- 9-buttons to control your printer: Left, right, up, down, mid, 3 function keys ( F1,F2,F3 ), enter
- a rotary encoder
- D66 and D65 are broken out
- Hooks up easily to your RAMPS AUX-2 port
- 41 x 109mm board
- Cool black design
- screw holes to mount the board

Also check the RepRap Wiki for designs and more information

You need to solder a 2x5 pin header to either the front of the back side of the board, depending in where you want to mount the wire. If you want to mount in to the back, please use JP3 header instead.

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Price breaks
Keypad v1.0 - Fully Assembled
1 to 4 pieces: excl € 19.99 
5 to 9 pieces: excl € 18.99 
10+ pieces: excl € 17.99