3D Pro glue kit
For ABS, PA, PC and PP filament

The kit for all-time adhesion of professional filaments
  • Superior first-layer adhesion
  • Eliminates warping of 3D models
  • 4 glue sticks for different filament
  • Easy removal from the print surface
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Product description

The Magigoo Pro 3D glue stick kit is here! This is the glue stick kit that solves all adhesion issues for high-grade filament materials. Not only is the Magigoo Pro glue stick easy to apply, but it is also easy to remove. With this kit, you can make sure to always produce the best quality 3D prints of advanced filament materials!

Discover adhesion on a whole new level with the Magigoo Pro gluestick kit developed for 3D printing technical filaments. Within the kit, there are four glue sticks each cultivated with a unique specialty based on the material they work as an adhesive for. The kit consists of Magigoo PC for polycarbonate and fiber-infused filament. There is also the Magigoo PA manufactured for polyamide filaments like nylon filament. In the kit you can also find the Magigoo PP for polypropylene filaments and also Magigoo ABS which works for the majority of 3D filament such as the following:

  • PLA filament
  • PETG filament 
  • ABS filament
  • HIPS filament
  • TPU filament

The Magigoo glue sticks are designed to provide the best adhesion for glass build surfaces. The adhesive will also work for Buildtak, PEI sheets, Kapton Tape, and glass-ceramic surfaces. Placing glue will actually maintain the quality of the print surface as the glue layer will protect it, increasing durability.

The first layer will always influence the success of your 3D print. With Magigoo Pro 3D gluestick you can be sure to have perfect adhesion of your 3D prints to your print surface. Please make sure to read the manufacturer's instructions for correct professional use. The Magigoo glue can be applied to a print surface the same way you would apply glue on a sheet of paper. To remove the glue after printing, wipe it with warm water and a microfiber towel. Feel free to follow up with a paper towel to dry your print surface and then you are ready to keep on 3D printing.



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