Pro HT Glue stick
PEEK and PEKK filament, 50ml

A user-friendly ideal adhesive for PP filaments
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Ensures high-quality print finish
  • Magnificent first layer adhesion
  • Made for HT filament materials
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Product description

Discover adhesion perfection with the Magigoo Pro HT glue stick, designed for ultimate first layer adhesion. With this item in stock, you will always be prepared for exceptional 3D printing. Use the Magigoo glue stick for HT filament!

Explore using this great product designed to provide the best adhesion when 3D printing PEEK and PEKK filament. The Magigoo glue sticks are manufactured to provide the best adhesion for glass build surfaces. The adhesive will also work for Buildtak, PEI sheets, Kapton Tape, and glass-ceramic surfaces. Placing glue will actually maintain the quality of the print surface as the glue layer will protect it, increasing durability. Proper adhesion on your print surface will guarantee the best-looking 3D prints possible. When the quality of the foundation is guaranteed, everything should follow!

To use the glue, take off the lid and swiftly apply it to your print surface. Continue to perform your printing and see great results. Once your 3D model has cooled down it can easily be removed and the glue can be wiped with a microfiber towel and warm water.


General properties
gtin 5350583999990
mpn MHT2019
Net. Volume 50 ml
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