Power relay v1.0 DIY kit (low voltage version, max 24V)

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Product description

Great for controlling higher currents

This board enables you to switch high currents (15A max) using a relay, as many 3D printer electronics is not able to provide these current safely.

This is a Do It Yourself (DIY) kit, please read the assembly guide.



- Switch up to 24V and 15A

- Relay is controlled using 12V input (12V Min and Max)

- LED's indicate power and status

This kit comes with everything needed to assemble it.


What's in the box?

This is a kit of the following items.

Quantity Stock Product
1x Diode 1N4004
1x Fuse 25A
2x Fuse clip
1x LED - 5mm - Green
1x LED - 5mm - Red
1x Relay 12V, 30A
1x Power relay PCB
2x Axial Carbon resistor |180 Ω Ohm ±5 % 0.25 W - 10pcs
2x 2-way Screw terminal housing ( 16A )


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$ 24  excl VAT


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