Duet3D extension boards

Duet 3 Expansion Mini 2+|v1.0
Add two stepper drivers to your Duet 3 Mini 5+
  • Add-on to the Duet 3 Mini 5+
  • Two extra stepper drivers
  • Fits onto the expansion header
$ 30.50
In stock
Duet 3 Tool Distribution Board|V0.5
Power up to four Duet 3 toolboards, greatly simplifying the wiring
  • Original Duet 3 addon
  • Support four tool boards
  • Individually fused power connectors
$ 33
In stock
Expansion header breakout board|For Duet 2
Duet 2 expansion board to add external stepper drivers
  • 5V logic differential output
  • Five stepper outputs provided
  • Step, dir and enable pins broken out
$ 40.50
In stock
Duet 3 Expansion Board 1XD|v1.0
Expansion board for Duet3, allowing to connect an external stepper driver
  • Add-on to the Duet3 main board
  • Daisy-chain CAN-FD bus
  • Connects an external stepper driver
$ 55
In stock
DueX 5-channel expansion board
Expansion board for the Duet electronic controller boards adding support for 5 axis
  • Original Duet 2 expansion board
  • Five TMC2660 stepper drivers
  • Five heater outputs and endstops
$ 119.50
In stock
Duet 3 Expansion Board 3HC|V1.01
Original Duet 3D addon for the Duet 3 main board adding stepper drivers, PWM outputs and more
  • Compatible with Duet 3 Main boards
  • Dedicated 32-bit processor
  • CAN-FD bus connection
$ 128.50
$ 128.50
In stock
Duet 2 Maestro Dual Stepper Driver Expansion Module
Addon to the Duet 2 Meastro board that adds two additional stepper drivers
  • Two additional TMC2224 drivers
  • Easy to setup with the Duet3D Maestro
$ 32.50
DueX 2-channel expansion board
Expansion board for the Duet electronic controller boards
  • Add-on board for the Duet controller boards
  • Two extra stepper drivers
  • Five additional heater outputs
Duet 3 Toolboard 1LC|V1.2
Control board optimized for direct drive extruder systems like E3D Hemera
  • Compatible with Duet3D Mainboard
  • Fits the E3D Hemera extruder
$ 78
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