Adjusting stepper driver current on the Ender3 v2

The Ender3 v2 3D printer mainboard (silent mainboard v2.2) has four stepper drivers, that can be adjusted using a small trimpot. This can be useful in case an axes is losing steps (not moving at all, or randomly displaces at higher speeds). Or when the stepper driver overheats and shuts down for a while, resulting in large displacement even at lower printing speeds. The power of a stepper motor is regulated by the input voltage and the current. The current can be adjusted by setting the reference voltage (vRef) using the trimpot, which can be measured by placing a multimeter + side on the trimpot and the - side on the SD card reader.

On the Ender3 v2 Mainboard you will find a small set screw for each stepper driver, called a trimpot. To access the mainboard remove the bottom plate of the printer. Once removed, you are able to see the trimpots as on the images shown below. By adjusting the trimpot you reduce or increase the current, depending on the rotation. Be careful adjusting the trimpot, it may break easily. Always disconnect power before adjusting the trimpot and use a suitable screw driver. The following pictures shows the locations of the trimpots.

To increase the current rotate the trimpot clockwise by a few degrees. Steps of 10 degrees of change are probably best, until you find the sweet spot. For the ender3 v2 the following vRef are recommended:

X,Y,Z: 1.22V
E: 1.39V

Note that setting the current of the stepper driver too high, may cause overheating. This generally appears a random displacement of the print head, but is cause by the stepper shutting down for a small while, until the temperature has cooled down a bit.

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