Installing Arduino 1.8.5

In this topic we will discuss how to install Arduino and add the ReprapWorld boards to the software, so you can start uploading firmware for your 3D printer onto the boards. First step is to download the latest Arduino version. Depending on your operating system, installation steps vary, but generally extracting the downloaded file and executing Arduino from the folder will work. Make sure you have permissions to access COM ports (Windows) and ttyUSBX/ttyACMX devices on Linux and Mac. After loading Arduino an empty sketch will appear.

To add the ReprapWorld electronic boards, go to File > preferences. The Arduino settings dialog will appear. Find the setting Additional Boards Manager URL and enter Press OK to cloas the dialog.

Next go to Tools -> Board: -> Board Manager, the Board manager dialog will show. In the search bar, enter reprapworld. Two items will show, the AVR compatible boards (i.e. Megatronics) and SAM compatible boards (i.e. Ultratronics). Select the desired option and press install. The required components will be installed for you, this may take a minute.

You are now able to select the ReprapWorld board from the Boards Menu.

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