Solving issues with movement of axis in your 3D printer

If you have a problem with the movement of one or more axis of your 3D printer, there are some thing you can check or do. First step is determining the cause of the problem. The following list of common issues and solutions may help you with determining the problem and fix it.

The movement of the axis is not smooth and movement stutters

Possible causes
1. There is too much friction on the axis, use some lubrication on the axis and bearings
2. One or more bearing are worn out, replace them with a new one

The printer randomly shifts the position during a print

Possible causes
1. It may be caused by a overheating stepper driver. If the driver is overheating, it shuts down a short time, causing a shift. Add more  or reduce the current.
2. Also, it can be cause by having too much friction on the axis. Especially on higher speeds the stepper driver may skip steps if under powered. You can try increasing the current of the motor, lubrication the axis, or increase the input voltage if possible.

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