Octopus v1.1

Powerful and mainboard with eight stepper driver slots
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Product description

Build a blazingly fast and powerful 3D printer with the BigTreeTech Octopus v1.1! This impressive 3D printer controller board provides eight stepper and many other peripherals. The fast 180MHz processor has a large memory to run multiple firmwares like Klipper, Marlin and RepRapFirmware.

The Octopus v1.1 can be connected to a LCD12864 LCD screen or TFT screens as well as multiple fans, eight stepper drivers and BLTouch auto bed leveling module.

Stepper drivers

The eight stepper drivers slots can be used to build a 3D printers with 8 axis, so besides the normal X,Y,Z and Extruder drivers you can add another 4. This enables you do do fancy things like leveling the bed automatically, or color mix filament. The Octopus Pro version also allows you to run the stepper drivers on 60V for even higher torque, resulting in more reliable and faster movements. So the TMC5160 Pro V1.0 can be use to achieve the best performance. Each stepper driver can be switch between SPI, UART and Step/dir communication using jumpers for a broad spectrum of possibilities. Finally each driver  has a optocoupler to protect the mainboard.

Temperature reading

The Octopus v1.1 comes with five thermistor headers to connect a 100K thermistor. For PT100/PT1000 support you can check the Pro version


This controller board provides multiple options to communicate. Of course the Octopus provides a USB-C header for a connection to a computer and a microSD slot for printing gcode files directly. For more advanced features a CANbus interface with RJ11 connector is available and the board can be extended with an ESP8266 Wifi module for network connectivity.

Safety features

The board Octopus v1.1 has optocouplers to create a galvanized separation between stepper driver and mainboard circuits. This protects the main board circuit from damage by faulty or reversed stepper drivers. Also the board has multiple fuses to protect the different circuits from overcurrent, avoiding damage to the board when shorts occur.

Other features

  • 2x Regular Fan headers
  • 6x PWM Fan headers with flyback protection
  • RGB-LED header
  • Supports 24V input voltage for the mainboard
  • On-board 32K EEPROM module
  • Separate power inputs for Main board, bed and motors

  • Fast 180MHz processor
  • 32-bit and 512KB Flash
  • 8 stepper slots
  • PT100 / PT1000 on-board


General properties
mpn 1020000286
Color Black
Series Octopus
Type v1.1
Technology ARM
Type STM32F446ZET6
Frequency 180 MHz
Memory 512
Endstops 8
Stepper drivers 8
Thermocouples 1
Electrical specifications
Max. Voltage 60 V
Price breaks
1 - 9: excl $ 59
10 - 29: excl $ 56
30 - : excl $ 53
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