RADDS v1.6 - Pre-assembled 3D printer board

RepRap Arduino-Due Driver Shield (RADDS)
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Product description

RepRap Arduino-Due Driver Shield (RADDS)

The RADDS-Board provides the following connectivity’s:

  • 6 Steppers on-board : X,Y,Z, E0, E1, E2. (Sample: 3 axis and 3 extruders (Z-axis, and E3 extruder, comes with 2 pins strips for optional second stepper).
  • 6 Heavy duty MOSFET`s (Sample: 1 HeatBed, 3 HotEnds and 2 fans)
  • SD-Card (micro-SD-slot onboard, optional external SD-slot)
  • Standard LCD (5V) with 4×20 characters (HD44780 compatible)
  • Rotating encoder (on LCD panel)
  • 6 endstops (Xmin,Ymin,Zmin,Xmax,Ymax;Zmax)
  • 5 thermistors and an ADC
  • 3 servomotors
  • I2C, SPI, CAN, DAC, RS232 and 8 digital-pins available via pin strips

Additional Features:

  • Control-LEDs for loads and operation voltage
  • Catch-diodes on the MOSFET`s
  • Car-fuses instead of thermo fuses
  • Variable input voltage: can be supplied from 10V up to 25V
  • Heatbed electronic control supports up to15A without a heatsink
  • Premium screw terminals

12bit ADC (analog to digital converter) upgraded from 10 to 12 bit. Now temperature calculation is done on 4096 measure points instead of 1024, what give a read temperature with 4x better resolution. Combined to a new firmware algorithm that uses 660 measure points to extrapolate results,  a new level of accuracy is reached for reprap temperature control…



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