TFT50 V3.0 Display Touch Screen

Upgrade your printer with a 5" touch panel
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Screen size
4.3 "
5 "
7 "
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Product description

The BigTreeTech TFT50 V3.0 Display Touch Screen is an awesome addition to your 3D printer that provides great flexibility to configure and adjust to your need. Easily control your 3D printer with the easy to connect Touch screen upgrade. The open source firmware gives you unlimited freedom to take full advantage of a full-color TFT touch screen.

Working with the BigTreeTech products the BigTreeTech TFT50 V3.0 Display Touch Screen will give you the most features, but the panel is also compatible with other boards using the EXP-headers in LCD12864 mode. With the ESP WIFI module addon you can also use the functions of the board over WIFI networks. The TFT panel includes a powerful 32-bit microprocessor to make sure your 3D printer is running smoothly.

Other amazing features of this board include a host USB board, so you can connect USB devices to it. A neopixel header to make you 3D printer even more colorful and an on-board SD slot for 3 printing gcode directly on your machine. 

  • 480x272 pixels
  • Touch screen
  • Power saving mode
  • WIFI capable
  • 32-bit processor


General properties
gtin 8719345014307
Series TFT v3.0
Type 5" TFT Touch screen
LCD properties
Screen resolution

Number of pixels (points) of the display in the length and width

Screen size

Size of the diagonal of the display in inch.

5 "
LCD Display technology Full-color TFT LCD

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