Duet 3 Mini 5+ Wifi

Wifi version of the slimmer Duet 3 version 3D printer controller board
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    Duet 3 Mainboard 6HC

    Advanced 32-bit electronics board for the control of 3D printers and other CNC machines

    $ 254
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  • Duet 3 Mainboard 6HC|v1.01A
  • Duet 3 Mini 5+ Ethernet

    Ethernet version of the slimmer Duet 3 version 3D printer controller board

    $ 156
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  • Duet 3 Mini 5+ Ethernet|v1.01
  • Duet 3 Mini 5+ Wifi

    Wifi version of the slimmer Duet 3 version 3D printer controller board

    $ 156
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  • Duet 3 Mini 5+ Wifi|v1.0.1
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Product description

Slimmer version of the Duet 3 board suitable for most 3D printers, upgradable with the many available Duet3 addons. The Duet 3 Mini 5+ balances value and performance, focused on small and medium size machines that do not need the high power output of the Duet 3 Mainboard 6HC. The Wifi antenna and connectors are included.

The board provides 5 on-board drivers and the normal complement of heaters, fans, IO, LCD etc. There are Wifi and Ethernet variants, with the option of using an SBC (Single Board Computer, e.g. Raspberry Pi) for control in the same manner as other Duet 3 main boards. The overall aim with the Duet 3 series is to allow for maximum flexibility of machine design through highly capable main boards, expansion boards, smart tool boards and custom expansion modules. The flexibility of configuration and advanced features are enabled by our innovative RepRapFirmware 3 running on the Duet 3 Main board and our customized DuetSoftwareFramework running on a single board computer.

Main features:

  • Powerful 32 Bit Processor (ARM Cortex M4 @120Mhz)
  • Both Wifi and Ethernet versions
  • Dedicated High speed bus to a single board computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi) for the user interface and plugins
  • 5 Trinamic 2209 stepper drivers running at up to 1.4A RMS, 2A peak with firmware control of the full feature set including up to 256 microstepping, StallGuard 2 and StealthChop2
  • CAN-FD bus that supports the next generation of Duet3D expansion boards, smart tools and custom addons
  • 7 PWM outputs of varying current capacities support a high current heated bed, 2 extruders and 4 fans
  • 7 IO ports for endstops, probes, filament monitors and other sensors
  • 3 Thermistor/PT1000 inputs and support for 2 PT100 or thermocouple inputs via the optional daughterboards
  • Set up your printer and update the firmware through the web interface
  • All common 3D printer geometries are supported
  • Support for a wide range of Z probes including DC42’s IR Z probe and the Duet3D Smart Effector for delta printers

Check below for the available upgrades and addons

  • 32-bit ARM processor
  • WIFI version for remote control
  • Compatible with all common 3D printer geometries


General properties
gtin 5060662920387
Series Duet3
Type Mini 5+ Wifi
Technology ARM
Type ARM Cortex M4
Frequency 120 MHz
Memory 1MB
Length 123 mm
Depth 100 mm
Thermistors 3
Stepper drivers 5


Explore valuable add-ons that correspond with the Duet 3 Mini 5+ Wifi - v1.0.1. The components and accessories will enhance performance and guarantee improved efficiency. Select a device or part that will make all the difference!


PanelDue with 7
7" LCD touch screen to control Duet 2 and 3 powered 3D printers
  $ 102.50

Extension boards

Duet 3 Expansion Board 3HC|V1.02
Original Duet 3D addon for the Duet 3 main board adding stepper drivers, PWM outputs and more
  $ 124.75
Duet 3 Tool Distribution Board|V0.5
Power up to four Duet 3 toolboards, greatly simplifying the wiring
  $ 32.50
Duet 3 Expansion Mini 2+|v1.0
Add two stepper drivers to your Duet 3 Mini 5+
  $ 29.50
Duet 3 Toolboard 1LC|V1.2
Control board optimized for direct drive extruder systems like E3D Hemera
  $ 75.75


IR Probe
An IR height sensor that detects the target height by looking for the reflected light from two separate LEDs to be equal
  $ 31.50
PT100 daughterboard for Duet
Daughterboard for the Duet boards that allows two PT100 sensors to be attached
  $ 35.75
MAX31856 Thermocouple daughterboard for Duet|v1.1
Daughterboard for the Duet boards that allows two thermocouple sensors to be attached
  $ 35.75
Rotating Magnetic Filament Monitor|v1.7b without housing
Connects to your Duet 2 or 3 main board to detect a wide variety of potential disasters
  $ 50

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