LGX Shortcut Copperhead Printhead

The ultimate printhead for printing flexibles and soft materials
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Product description

The LGX shortcut Copperhead printhead is the ideal printhead for extruding soft and flexible filament materials. With this printhead, you can print all filament materials with ease while ensuring high-quality and consistent results. Create artworks and prototypes with exceptional precision!

The LGX shortcut copperhead printhead has a shorter filament path by 27 mm, in comparison to a standard screw mount copperhead hot end. A shorter filament path means faster 3D printing with full prevention of filament jams. Being light and compact allows for as little weight as possible on the 3D printer’s frame to ensure even and accurate extrusion.

Additionally, the reversible heat sink can be installed on either side of the cold block. The heat sink also has a small opening for placing 40 x 40 mm fans. This printhead is compatible with filament materials that have a diameter size of 1.75 mm.

  • Light and compact
  • Reversible heat sink
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Standard and flexible filament


gtin 7350011413621
Length 52.5 mm
Height 66 mm
Net. Weight 219 g

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