DDX v3 PH1
CR-10(S) Pro & Max

Direct drive extruder and adapter for printing flexibles & abrasive filaments
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Product description

Experience high-performance 3D printing with the DDX v3 PH1 upgrade by Bondtech. The PH1 upgrade allows you to replace your current Bowden extrusion system with Bondtech’s premium direct-drive system. With this setup, you will be able to extrude abrasive and flexible filament with ease and precision.

Bondtech has designed a wide range of unique upgrade possibilities for nearly all Creality 3D printer models. This brings new opportunities to an already excellent machine. Soft or hard filaments are more difficult to print, especially with a Bowden system that requires a slow printing speed. Direct drive is very beneficial as it provides a short filament path to eliminate chances of clogging while printing these challenging materials at a nice fast pace. 

Additionally, the dual gears ensure a firm and spectacular grip for feeding your filament, reducing the chances of jamming. With this system, you will be able to print great quality models when using flexibles like TPU filament. After performing this upgrade, you will be able to add the Copperhead hot end or Mosquito hot end.

  • Great accuracy
  • Compact design
  • Dual drive gears
  • Full installation pack
  • For abrasives & flexibles


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