Hemera Titanium Heatbreak

Original E3D titanium heatbreak that benefits high-temperature materials
  • Original E3D quality
  • Consistent retraction
  • Advanced 3D printing
  • Refined internal surface
  • 1.75 mm filament compatibility
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Product description

Discover the Titanium Heatbreak by E3D. The titanium heatbreak is an innovative heatbreak specially designed to be used with the Hemera extruder. Upgrade your V6, Volcano and Super Volcano hot end to print premium large models with high-temperature filament materials!

The titanium heatbreak is easy to install, perfectly fitting into the heater block of the Hemera hot end. With the heatbreak's internal surface being refined, you can expect lower extrusion force as well as consistent retraction. What makes the titanium heatbreak so different and valuable is its ability to maintain extremely precise melt zones when working at high temperatures. This will always produce high-quality and reliable 3D printing results when working with advanced filament materials.

The heatbreak is composed of grade 5 titanium which is a material that ensures remarkable strength and durability. Furthermore, the material also provides lower thermal conductivity. This effectively divides the cold end and hot end better than standard stainless steel heatbreaks.

Note: This product is not delivered with thermal paste.


General properties
Material Titanium

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