Revo Voron Heatsink

Specially designed heatsink for the Voron Stealthburner
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Product description

Discover the Revo Voron Heatsink by E3D. The Revo Voron heatsink has been specifically designed for the Voron Stealthburner and can be easily mounted onto your Voron 3D printer. Once installed, you will be able to work with the impressive interchangeable Revo nozzles.

Together with the Voron team, E3D has developed a heatsink that enables you to apply 

the magic of the RapidChange Revo ecosystem to your machine. The stylish red anodized heatsink matches the Voron 3D printer aesthetic while effectively redirecting heat. The heatsink keeps your extruded filament cool as well as your hot end’s components. With a lightweight design, your hot end will be able to move freely and accurately. The Revo Voron Heatsink is very durable thanks to its great isolation and corrosion and wear resistance. This guarantees that your hot end’s parts are protected while extruding high-quality 3D models with outstanding consistency.

  • Premium E3D quality
  • Lightweight construction
  • Strong mounting system
  • Highly durable component
  • Extremely lightweight design



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