ToolChanger Extra Blank Tool Plate

Premium kit for creating customized tool heads
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Product description

The Bank Tool Plate has been designed by E3D to be used with their premium ToolChanger system. With this kit, you can customize and create your own toolheads to fit any project that you desire. Achieve prototyping and manufacturing on an industrial level!

Unlock a myriad of possibilities with the Blank Tool plate & Dock Kit by E3D. This is the perfect set for designing and developing toolheads to meet specific requirements. The Blank Tool Plate & Dock Kit uses kinematic coupling while adhering to E3D’s tool changing regulations. Expect premium E3D quality and extreme accuracy when working with your tool changing 3D printer.

This kit includes the following items:

  • 1 x Dock receiver

  • Durable set
  • Highly customizable
  • E3D tool changing standard
  • Hardened steel coupling surface
  • Additive & subtractive manufacturing




Explore valuable add-ons that correspond with the ToolChanger Extra Blank Tool Plate. The components and accessories will enhance performance and guarantee improved efficiency. Select a device or part that will make all the difference!


ToolChanger Receiver
Premium original spare receiver for the ToolChanger and Motion System
  $ 13.75

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