ToolChanger Receiver

Premium original spare receiver for the ToolChanger and Motion System
$ 13.50  excl VAT

Product description

The E3D ToolChanger Receiver is individually available. This receiver is the premium POM component found within E3D’s Motion System. Upgrade and replace your current receiver to decrease friction and ensure the highest performance throughout all your projects.

E3D’s ToolChanger Receiver is the original replacement part from the Blank Tool Plate & Dock Kit that allows you to create your own design. The receiver has been manufactured with POM material which is a material that offers great abrasion resistance, toughness and outstanding rigidity. With this receiver you can effectively reduce galling between the components of the Docking Kit to eliminate sliding and keep your Motion System machine working in the best condition.

  • POM material
  • Highly limits wear
  • Original spare part
  • ToolChanger system




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