V6 Bowden Tool
1.75mm / 24V

High-end V6 Bowden tool for professional 3D printing precision
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Product description

Discover full professional 3D printing with the V6 Bowden Tool by E3D. This set is specially manufactured for printing filaments with extreme precision thanks to the innovative lightweight yet sturdy and compact design. Create stunning and dimensionally accurate prototypes and 3D models on a new level!

The E3D V6 Bowden Tool brings the same V6 dexterity with added mastery. The threaded V6 heatsink offers excellent dispersion of heat while being as light as possible to provide the best agility. This nimbleness allows you to work with extraordinary precision when printing filament materials.

This V6 Bowden tool set is compatible with V6, Volcano, and SuperVolcano Heaterblocks to use E3D’s interchangeable nozzles during the same print. This is the best way to print materials on a professional level with different nozzle output diameter sizes.

This set consists of the following:

  • 1x pins
  • 1x tool fixings kit
  • 1x dock bracket
  • 1x POM receiver
  • 1x dock fixings kit
  • 1x V6 HeaterBlock
  • 2x Thermistor cartridge
  • 1x V6 threaded HotEnd
  • 1x assembled ToolPlate
  • 1x high precision 30W 24V heater
  • 1x brass nozzle V6 (1.75 mm/0.4 mm)

  • E3D quality
  • Lightweight
  • Compact & sturdy
  • ToolChanger System
  • Premium threaded heat sink


sku E3DTCV6BWD175MM24V


Boost your V6 Bowden Tool - 1.75mm / 24V with the necessary upgrades for top performance. Find all the necessary peripherals and components here for a heightened work process. Successfully increase your productivity and assure the highest level of quality!

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