Chimera+ Kit
24V, 1.75mm

Premium dual-nozzle extruder kit for multi-material 3D printing
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Product description

Discover the V6 Chimera+ Kit. E3D has designed a premium dual-extrusion hot end that has two nozzles. With this remarkable kit, you can print two filaments at once and advance the detailing and complexity of your 3D models!

The V6 Chimera+ Kit by E3D is ideal for high-quality multi-material 3D printing of filaments that require maximum printing temperatures of 300°C. This is perfect for using standard and advanced filament materials. With a dual-extrusion system, you can 3D print the same filament material and use two different colors. This allows you to create more intricate and appealing designs. Another great option is to use one nozzle for printing support materials like HIPS filament or PVA filament to successfully create overhangs and bridging.

The V6 Chimera+ is highly compatible with the E3D ecosystem so that you always have the freedom to upgrade and swap around their impressive range of temperature sensors, heater blocks, and nozzles.

  • 2 nozzles
  • E3D ecosystem
  • Max. temperature 300°C
  • Boosting 3D model designs



Electrical specifications
Operating voltage 24 V

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