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Welcome to our brass nozzle collection for your 3D printer. Discover a wide variety of brass nozzles by different 3D brands in a range of diameter sizes. Always be ready to 3D print with a brass nozzle!

Wear Resistant Nozzle for Reprap|M6
High-quality wear resistant Reprap -compatible nozzle
From $ 15.50
12 types available
Wear Resistant Nozzle for Up Box 3D Printer / Afinia H800|M6 / 0.4 mm / 1.75 mm
High-quality wear resistant Up Box 3D Printer / Afinia H800 -compatible nozzle
$ 15.50
In stock
Wear Resistant Nozzle for Wanhao Duplicator 5 Series|M6
High-quality wear resistant Wanhao Duplicator 5 Series -compatible nozzle
From $ 15.50
2 types available

Brass nozzles for your 3D printer

A brass nozzle with a 0.4mm diameter size is the standard nozzle material manufactured for 3D printing. Brass nozzles are also the most commonly used nozzles and can be used to print most filament materials. Brass nozzles are cheap and great for 3D printing materials like PLA filament, PETG filament, and ABS filament.

The nozzle of a 3D printer is the final step to determine the detail of a 3D model since the filament passes last through the nozzle. There are many reasons why brass nozzles are so popular. Not only are they cheap to buy, but brass nozzles also produce great quality 3D prints for non-abrasive filament materials. Brass nozzles perform so well thanks to their great stability and high thermal conductivity, quickly melting filament materials. On the downside, brass is also a very soft metal. This makes the brass nozzle highly vulnerable to dents and wear. This is why brass nozzles are not recommended for printing special harder materials like carbon fiber filaments, metal or wood filaments. More advanced filament materials should be printed using either a hardened steel nozzle or ruby tip nozzle. In case you would like more information on which nozzle best fits printing certain filament materials, have a look at our guide to 3D filament!

Selecting a brass nozzle for your 3D printer

When it comes to determining the ideal brass nozzle for your 3D printer, choose the diameter sizes that will go best with your 3D project. For example, a smaller diameter size will most likely produce very detailed prints, however with a long printing time. A smaller line height is also possible with a smaller sized output diameter. Larger input diameter sizes will allow you to extrude more filament material.

It is also crucial that you select a brass nozzle with the compatible thread type. For example, the M6 thread size is the most commonly used. FDM 3D printers will always have a nozzle type that they are compatible with. The MK8 and MK10 nozzles are some of the most common nozzle types used by the majority of 3D printers. In case you are unsure about the nozzle type that you need, always check the specifications for every 3D printer, where we publish the fitting nozzle type.

Maintenance for your brass nozzle

So how do you keep your 3D printer’s brass nozzle in the best condition? To increase the lifespan of a brass nozzle, take the necessary steps to ensure proper nozzle maintenance.
There are quite a few ways to do this. Inspect your brass nozzle from time to time. The outside of your brass nozzle can easily be wiped with a paper towel or microfiber towel. To clean the inside of the nozzle, you have to disassemble the nozzle and use a metal cleaning brush frequently to ensure that there is no jamming of any material parts. Avoid any clogging and use cleaning filament in between filament material changes.

Brass nozzles by E3D and Micro Swiss

We offer a wide range of brass nozzles by different 3D brands like Micro Swiss nozzles and E3D nozzles. Find high-quality brass nozzles manufactured for efficient 3D printing. We recommend always having brass nozzles in stock for general-purpose 3D printing or to replace a damaged nozzle. Once you place an order, our UK warehouse will send it out on the same working day!

Would you like more information on brass nozzles? Let us know through our customer service team, we are happy to help!

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