Revo Brass nozzle kit 3pcs
0.4mm / 1.75mm

Set of 3x standard sized 0.4 mm nozzles for high-performance 3D printing within the RapidChange Revo system
  • 1.75 mm filament
  • 3x 0.4 mm nozzles
  • Heats up in seconds
  • Prevents hot end leaks
  • 300°C max. temperature
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Product description

Discover hassle-free rapid nozzle replacement with E3D’s Revo Nozzle triple pack. The user-friendly Revo Nozzles have been designed to be swapped within just 60 seconds. Switching your nozzle without any additional tools or hot tightening!

This product consists of three Revo brass nozzles with a 0.4 diameter size. With this premium nozzle set, you can expect high-performance in every way. Your printing quality will be great due to even and consistent heating. Furthermore, the nozzles entirely avoid hot end leaks. Perform fast switches within a 3D print and always be prepared for your next project!

The Revo nozzles by E3D are extremely durable and will heat up in record time when paired with a Revo HeaterCore. No assembly time is required as the nozzles are already attached to a heatbreak. This does not only cut down on time but allows you to fully focus on creating beautiful 3D models and impressive prototypes. E3D’s impressive nozzles are part of a bigger nozzle system known as RapidChange Revo. The system has a variety of nozzles that are in place for fast swaps with a key focus on experimentation.


sku E3DRNBK175MM040
Nozzle properties
Hotend type E3D Revo
Material Brass
Output diameter 0.4 mm
Input diameter 1.75 mm

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