CHT® BiMetal Coated Nozzle RepRap compatible
1.75 mm / 0.6 mm

50% increased Volumetric Flow for RepRap hotends
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Output diameter
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Product description

Maximize 3D printing with the Bondtech CHT BiMetal coated nozzle for maximum filament throughput for RepRap / E3D hot ends. This nozzle splits the filament in three separate strings like the other CHT nozzles for increased heating efficiency by increasing the surface. The BiMetal nozzle improves further upon this by using the better heat conducting copper metal for the nozzle body to maximize the thermal performance. The Hardened Vanadium Steel tips provide a robust anti-wear tip that can print abrasive materials like carbon and glass fiber composite materials. Finally the nickel coating protects the nozzle against corrosion, erosion and abrasion.

You can easily swap the nozzle in your hotend with the Bondtech CHT BiMetal nozzle. It is however important to heat the hotend up to at least 250 °C (280 °C preferred) if you want the exchange the CHT BiMetal nozzle again to avoid damage. 

Do not use more than 1.5Nm torque to either fasten or loosen the nozzle as ore force may damage the nozzle. For abrasive filaments use 0.6mm nozzles or bigger, while filament with glitter and can be printed using a 0.4mm nozzle. 

This is the RepRap version nozzle, which is compatible with many 3D printers and hotends, including:

  • Mosquito® / Magnum
  • Mosquito® Liquid
  • Mosquito® Magnum+
  • Copperhead™
  • E3D Chimera and Kraken
  • E3D V4, V5 and V6 blocks
  • Prusa i3, Prusa Mini
  • RepRap M6

  • Nickel-coated nozzle
  • Copper and Hardened Vanadium Steel
  • Up to 50% more flow
  • Compatible with E3D hotends
  • M6 threaded nozzle


sku BTCHTRR2M175MM060
gtin 7350011415151
mpn 600-A-CHT-MOS-175-60
Nozzle properties
Hotend type E3D v6 / M6 generic
Material Hardened steel
Specialty BiMetal
Output diameter 0.6 mm
Input diameter 1.75 mm

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