Slice Engineering

Copperhead Heatbreak G2

Premium heatbreak generic copperhead hot ends
  • Reduces heat creep
  • Bimetallic heatbreak
  • Max. temperature 450°C
  • Boosts 3D printing quality
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Product description

Discover premium high-temperature extrusion with the Copperhead Heatbreak G2 by Slice Engineering. Keep your cold end cool and your hot end warm to produce the best printing results. Order the bimetallic heatbreak for 3D printing with copperhead hot ends!

The heatbreak is a part of the new copperhead hot end system designed by Slice Engineering. The bimetallic heatbreak ensures division between the extruder when working with advanced filaments that require high printing temperatures. Prevent hot end jamming and dramatically boost your 3D printing quality.


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