GT2x6mm Timing belt (696mm closed)

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Product description

High quality polyurethane timing belts with glass fiber reinforcement for linear motion. Great for day-to-day use in 3D printers and applications with a small diameter turns

This is a great product for reliable linear movements in your 3D printer. Because this timing belt is reinforced with glass fiber you are ensured a low-maintenance high-quality product. You can use it for high precision axis movements at high speeds, generally the XY axes. It can be used in combination with matching pulleys, bearings and belt fastening components also available in our shop.

This product is a closed loop and can be used to make belt transmission driven systems in extruders or axes.


General properties
sku GT2MR696
gtin 8719345007323
Type GT2
Length 696 mm
Width 6 mm
Price breaks
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10 - 29: excl $ 4.60
30 - : excl $ 4.50
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