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New Polymaker filament

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 22/07/2022 10:20:09
New Polymaker filament

Polymaker PolyLite

New to the Family PolyLite is the PC and ASA filament. Both are available for immediate purchase in our webshop.
The PolyLite PC is hailed for its impressive combination of material properties. The filament has the ability to withstand very high temperatures without changing its form, making it a durable choice.
The PolyLite ASA filament is an impressive material developed to have a range of useful qualities. Being able to withstand high temperatures and sunlight, this is the ultimate filament for creating garden tools, outdoor decorations, and functional parts.

Polymaker PolyFlex

One of the new Polymaker families we have added is PolyFlex. It is available in TPU90, TPU95 and TPU95-HF.
The PolyFlex TPU90 has been designed to provide a smooth and fast 3D printing experience of a flexible material. Start 3D printing with the unique filament and create outdoor objects with superb bendability!
The PolyFlex TPU95 has a shore hardness of 95A. You can create objects that will have the same bendability as a shopping cart wheel. Expect magnificent bendability that is ideal for applications that require flexibility and durability like wearables and jewelry.
The PolyFlex TPU95-HF has been developed for providing a smooth and fast printing experience. Thanks to the added UV-resistant qualities, you can create flexible construction parts or customized outdoor accessories that will not be damaged by sunlight over time.

Polymaker PolyMide

Also new to our assortment of Polymaker filaments is the PolyMide CoPA. This Nylon filament is a great material for printing functional technical components with some flexibility. Nylon’s flexibility ensures that the printed objects will be able to bend frequently without cracking or breaking.

All Polymaker filament

Now available: Revo CR!

Written by Bart Meijer on 12/07/2022 17:45:39
Now available: Revo CR!

Explore the upgrade of a lifetime for your Creality machine. This is a simple yet highly transformative update to print reliably thanks to the neat features that the Revo system provides. This means no hot tightening, no nozzle leaks and no burning of your hands!

Revo CR

More ColorFabb filament

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 08/07/2022 14:50:23
More ColorFabb filament

ColorFabb is one of the filament brands we have available for direct purchase in our shop, we have recently added a lot of new filaments from this amazing brand. Below is just a small selection. Click on the button below to see which other filaments we have available right now!

All ColorFabb filament

ColorFabb GlowFill

Print your items now with GlowFill filament from ColorFabb. This blend of PLA/PHA with concentrated phosphorescent particles is designed for fun and special 3D projects. During the day it has a creamy white look. Place it in a dark environment and the magic will do its work and give you a print with an impressive green fluorescent glow. Click on the button below to find out more!

ColorFabb GlowFill

ColorFabb PLA Economy

If you are looking for a lot of filament on one spool for a great price then check out the PLA Economy from ColorFabb. This blend of PLA has received an impact modifier for added performance. Expect added toughness so that printed parts are stronger and therefore durable. You can purchase it on a 2.2 kg spool in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter. Just click on the button below to check it out.

ColorFabb PLA Economy

ColorFabb XT

This filament has been designed to provide smooth and safe printability while producing tough and sturdy objects. This is the ideal material for creating customized mechanical components that will last a lifetime. The high toughness of the material makes it the perfect choice for creating parts that are durable with the ability to handle high impact. Create neat looking smooth parts without any printing odors! If you want to find out more about this very tough filament then click on the link below.

ColorFabb XT

eSilk and more Refill filament from Esun

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 30/06/2022 23:04:45
eSilk and more Refill filament from Esun

eSun eSilk

We started our eSilk collection with Rainbow and have now added 15 more colors like Cyan and Lime. eSilk has the basis of PLA, so it is printable with the standard PLA temperatures, is less brittle and has been improved to increase the hardness. So if you are looking for PLA filament with a glossy, silk satin finish then this is the filament for you. Click on the button to check out the eSilk collection.

eSun eSilk

eSun Refill

We already sold Red, Blue, Black and White PLA+ Refill filament from eSun, but that is not enough for us, now available are 6 more PLA+ refill colors and 5 PETG refill colors. all in 1.75mm. By purchasing this filament you will help reduce transport and plastic waste by reusing your filament spool. It can be printed with the standard PLA+ and PETG settings from eSun. Just click on the below to find out more about this Refill filament.

eSun Refill PLA+     eSun Refill PETG

MAHOR-XYZ V4 Pellet Extruder

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 23/06/2022 15:50:55
MAHOR-XYZ V4 Pellet Extruder

The V4 Pellet Extruder is a powerful device that brings many new printing capabilities. With the V4 Pellet Extruder by MAHOR-XYZ, you will be able to print with filament, pellets, and even laminate with your 3D printer. The V4 Pellet Extruder can have pellets loaded with a thickness spanning between 0.5 mm - 5.0 mm  and is compatible with versatile thermoplastics including PLA, ABS, PETG, and even some flexibles! One of the great features of the pellet extruder is its ability to mix one or more colors to create any look and achieve all your design goals. We have the Pellet extruder available in 12/24 volts and 50/70 watts, just click on the button below to find out more information.


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