NEW E3D Revo

NEW E3D Revo

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 16/02/2022 16:04:52
NEW E3D Revo

E3D has just released a new line of products that is so unique that we are very pleased to announce that they are available in our shop starting today! You are probably wondering about which product line I am talking about, well let me tell you. The Revo line is the newest E3D invention on the market. They have made 3 extrusions system: the Hemera,  the Six and the Micro. These 3 can handle a temperature up to 300°C and have a positive temperature coefficient (PTC). This means that the Revo HeaterCore in these products can not melt at extreme temperatures in fact the power will lower once the temperature goes up. Another cool thing about these systems are the nozzles. These nozzles are attached to the heatbreak, what give you the option to simple screw them loose and exchange them without having to take apart the HotEND. Just keep on reading this blog to find out more about the Revo line.

Revo Hemera Kit 

The Revo Hemera has a strong dual gear system, exceptional grip and is great for printing with more advanced flexible materials.
If you already have a Hemera and want to switch to the Revo Hemera then take a look at the upgrade kits. Both types of Revo Hemera kits can be found by clicking on the link below.

Revo Hemera Nozzle Kits

Revo Six Kit 

This kit is the ideal Revo kit to replace your E3D V6 HotEnd. You can just swap it out without having to redesign your machine. It will just take a few minutes and then you can start to experience printing with the Revo Six. Just click on the link below to find out which kits are available.

Revo Six Nozzle Kits

Revo Micro Kit 

This Revo extrusion system lives up to its name, it is not just smaller then any other E3D HotEnd it is also light weight. It just weighs 30 grams! This extrusion system is compatible with both Direct Drive and Bowden systems. Due to the light weight it is especially perfect for the Bowden system. Click on the link below to find out more.

Revo Micro Nozzle Kits

Revo Brass Nozzles

These nozzle are especially designed for the Revo extrusion systems. There are 4 available sizes (0.25, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8). The sock surrounding them can be touched when you want to switch and it will not be necessary to wait until the system is cooled down. As you can see they are longer then other nozzle of E3D and this because the heatbreak is attached to it. Click on the button below to find out which are available.

Revo Nozzles

Revo Sock Pack

This sock pack has 10 silicone socks included. 2 for each nozzle, diameter size is on the band, and 2 HeaterCore socks. These socks will ensure that your HotEND stays clean and because of the non-stick feature your filament will not stick resulting in clean 3D prints. Just click on the button below to purchase your sock pack.

Revo Sock Pack


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