Creality 3D

CR-10 V2

  • Build volume: 300x300x400mm
  • Heated bed: Yes
  • LCD+SD card: Yes
  • Materials: PLA. PETG
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm
  • Auto bed leveling: No
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Product description

Improved version V2 of the popular CR10S 3D printer, with ultra silent TMC2208 stepper drivers and frame stabilization for great print quality! Incorporates the new generation electronics, including a 350W Meanwell power supply. The big build volume of 30x30x40cm allows you to print almost anything, while the smart resume function also allows you to continue a print when the power was interrupted. Also a filament sensor protects you against filament running out mid-print, by pausing the printer when the filament has run out.

The printer has a metal extruder and cooling fans that regulate the hot-end temperature, improving reliability. The print is compatible with popular slicing software like Cura and Slic3r.

Included in the printer kit:

  • Scraper
  • Power cable (EU)
  • PLA test filament
  • USB cable
  • Glass sheet
  • SD Card
  • Assembly tools


Build volume
Bed width 300 cm
Bed Depth 300 cm
Build Height 400 cm
Width 600 cm
Height 610 cm
Depth 590 cm
Heated bed

A heated bed is important to reduce Warping and have a better adhesion of the 3D print to the print bed.

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$ 478.50  excl VAT In stock
Dispatches same business day!

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