Minitronics v1.1 - Controller board

Compact single-board 3D printer controller with stepper drivers included on-board
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Compact single-board 3D printer controller with stepper drivers included on-board

Minitronics is our answer for the low-end 3D printer range. It's designed to be an easy to use, compact and smart solution to fit 90% of the 3D-printers. Unlike it's bigger brothers Megatronics and Ultratronics, which target at the high-end range, the Minitronics is your best choice for an affordable 3D printer controller but still with high quality components.

The board has a powerful Atmega1281 processor with 128 KB memory, running at 16Mhz and can be connected to a PC using a normal USB cable. The board is compatible with Arduino and will therefor be easily programmed from the Modified Arduino IDE, which you can download in our software downloads section. We provide firmware that's ready to run with the board, but you need to adjust the settings or your machine.

Major features

Powerful Atmega1281 processor with 128 KB memory, running at 16Mhz

Small design
Only 94x57x18mm in size

Two thermistors can be connected

The board has 3 regular MOSFETs (for extruders etc) and one MOSFET for the heated bed (10A) to support
many needs.

Up to 5 stepper drivers with 1/32 step
The Minitronics has four on board stepper drivers. A fifth can be connected externally, using
our External stepper driver board.

Other features

  • USB 2.0 Full Speed compatible
  • Auto reset can be disabled by removing a jumper
  • The board can be powered from 12V (12V MAX), by setting a jumper
  • 12V has a diode to protect against reverse polarization
  • The 5V line is protected by a 500mA resettable fuse
  • Four layer high quality PCB board

Board dimensions

Width: 94mm
Length: 57mm
Height: 18mm

Marlin firmware: See software download section

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30 - : excl $ 50.50
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Technology AVR
Type Atmega1281
Frequency 16 MHz
Memory 128


Length 95 mm
Depth 55 mm
Height 18 mm


Thermistors 2
Endstops 3
Stepper drivers 4
Keypad connector
SD Card
External SD card
External stepper drivers 1
Seperated heated bed input

What's in the box?

This is a kit of the following items.

Quantity Stock Product
1x 4-wire cable with ATX connector (50cm)
1x Axial Fan 40x40x10mm ( 12 V )
1x Minitronics v1.1 - Board
Megatronics v3.3 - Controller board ( Arduino-compatible )
Open source, Arduino-compatible, controller board for your 3D printer or CNC machine
Duet3D - Duet Wifi 2 Electronic controller card (V1.04c)
The DuetWifi is an advanced 32 bit electronics board for the control of 3D printers and other CNC machines.
Ultratronics v1.0
For when you need a bit more power
Minitronics v2.0 - 32-bit all-in-one controller board
Compact, affordable, single-board solution with on-board stepper drivers. 32-bit SAMD21 Microprocessor running at 40Mhz, well capable of running even Delta printers at decend speeds.
104NT-4-R025H42G Semitec Thermistor 100K - NTC
High heat resistance and sensitive 100K Ohm NTC thermistor for hot-end and heated bed
USB Connection cable 0.4m (type B to type A)
Small USB wire. Great for connecting your elexctronics to the raspberry PI for example.

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