PVA+ filament Neutral 1.75 / 500g on spool eSun

PVA that works! Dissolves two times faster as normal PVA and bonds well to PLA, ABS, ABS+, PLA+ and PETG.
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PVA that works! Dissolves two times faster as normal PVA and bonds well to PLA, ABS, ABS+, PLA+ and PETG.

Compared to normal PVA, the eSun PVA+ dissolves twice as fast in normal water at 21 degrees. It also absorbs less moisture, in combination with the included resealable bag, making it longer lasting. Finally, it bonds much better to PLA, ABS, ABS+, Nylon etc than normal PVA, making it much easier to work with.

Printing properties


The base material used in the filament. For more information on the different materials, please check the Filament information page

Temperature - extruder 190-210 °C
Temperature - heated bed 60-80 °C
Color Neutral
Specialty Soluble
Diameter 1.75 mm
PVA Plus filament Neutral 1.75 mm / 0.5 kg Real
PVA Plus filament Neutral 1.75 mm 500 g is a superior quality filament produced in The Netherlands. Real filaments guarantees that PVA Plus is high-quality, diameter-accurate filament, resulting in the best 3D printing experience. PVA is soluble in warm water and prints roughly at the same temperature as PLA, making it a great material as support of your 3D print. With a dual head 3D printer, you can setup your favorite slicing software to print a part of the model in PVA and remove it later.

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