Scaffold filament Gray 1.75mm / 0.5 kg spoolWorks

Scaffold is a water-soluble support filament for professional 3D printing. This is the gray 1.75mm version.

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€ 55.49
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Scaffold filament Gray 1.75mm / 0.5 kg spoolWorks

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Product description

Scaffold is a water-soluble support filament for professional 3D printing. This is the gray 1.75mm version.

This filament from the spoolWorks line from E3D offers you the design freedom you are looking for.


  • Breaks away/dissolves in normal tap water;
  • This filament is PVA/PVOH based, but is easy to print with low viscosity;
  • It has a low heat degradation and can be easily removed from nozzles;
  • The ideal print temperature is 215 degrees Celsius;
  • The bed temperature is best between 20 and 55 degrees Celsius, but it should work up to 110 degrees Celcius;
  • The printing speed is around 50mm/s.

Important notes:

  • If you want to get best out of this filament you have to create your own specific slicer settings;
  • You need to keep this filament dry;
  • Do not let the filament stay in the nozzle for extended periods. If that happens and the nozzle is hot, it will degrade and you will have a big change of clogging and damaging the nozzle;
  • All 3d printers are unique so make sure that you use the settings that work for you;
  • Before using we advice that you read the documentation carefully so will enjoy this filament the most.

For more information about this filament, please visit this website: Scaffold-Support-Material

About E3D

E3D is a manufacturer of extruders with a well-known reputation in the Reprap DIY community. They design and produce reliable high-quality parts, with the v6 extruder as most sold item. ReprapWorld is official reseller of E3D extruder components.


Spool dimensions

Outer diameter 200 mm
Inner diameter 55 mm
Width 65 mm
Weight spool 300 g
Weight filament 500 g
Length filament 330 m

Printing properties

Filament type Scaffold
Temperature - extruder 210 °C
Temperature - heated bed 0 - 80 °C
Heated bed temp. - Print sticker 0-30 °C
Color Gray
Food safe
Diameter 1.75 mm
Diameter tolerance 0.05 mm

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