Mercury Curing Machine

The ideal curing chamber for the efficient and equal curing of every 3D resin
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    Mercury Curing Machine

    The ideal curing chamber for the efficient and equal curing of every 3D resin

    $ 55
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Product description

Discover the Mercury Curing Machine by Elegoo. Elegoo has developed a smart and user-friendly curing machine that can cure SLA, DLP, and LCD resin parts and artworks. This is a wonderful option for makers who work with any and all kinds of liquid resins! With this curing chamber, you can expect high-quality processed resin 3D prints that are made to last.

The Elegoo Mercury curing machine is the go-to curing device for all resin 3D printing users. The machine has 14 UV-LED lights to ensure that your prints will come out fully cured and with a neat and polished look. The UV lights in combination with the turning platform will process your resin models and guarantee that they are uniformly processed with equal hardening. The Mercury Curing Machine is also an energy-saving machine, where the turntable has been manufactured to preserve energy by absorbing the UV light around it instead of traditionally functioning with a battery. Additionally, the inside of the machine’s chamber has been fitted with a reflective layer that supports curing at a very fast and even rate. To ensure no UV light can escape from the chamber, an optical filter has been placed to cancel any fleeing light.

Easily operate and set your preferred curing time with the modern LED display and select curing between 30 seconds to 90 minutes. With the 30-second step feature, you can accomplish extremely high-precision curing! Be careful to not over-cure your resin models as they will come out overly processed with a significant yellow hue. It is also crucial that the machine’s cover is kept on at all times during the full curing process. This machine can process resin parts up to a maximum size of approximately 142 mm x 150 mm.

  • 360° rotational platform
  • Easy and swift control
  • 2 LED strips of 405 nm
  • Smart timer function
  • Works for all resins


General properties
mpn 14.0009.43
Series Mercury
Type Mercury
Product Dimensions 150x251.5 mm
Electrical specifications
Input voltage 110/240 V
Max. Power rating 25 W

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