Magnetic Flexplate 138 mm x 78 mm
for Resin 3D printers

The ideal flexible and adhesive surface for efficient resin 3D printing
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Product Dimensions
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Product description

Discover the Resin Flexplate for your resin 3D printer. The Resin Flexplate has been designed to provide magnificent adhesion for resin 3D models as well as enable makers to remove their resin models within just a few seconds! Ensure high-quality 3D prints and work as efficiently as possible.

With the Resin Flexplate you can create phenomenal resin parts and models with your resin 3D printer. Due to the flexible nature of the Flexplate, removing the printed part is no longer a hassle. This saves time and also ensures that your resin print will not be harmed in the process. Furthermore, the Resin Flexplate has a rough surface allowing the print to correctly attach to the plate, solving any first layer adhesion issues. With an excellent first layer, the rest of the print will be supported by a good base.

Once your 3D part has finished printing, you can place the flexplate in a curing machine while you embark on a new print. Having multiple Resin Flexplates is extremely convenient and ideal for accelerated productivity. Browse our selection to find the Resin Flexplate that best fits your resin 3D printer’s build plate.

  • User-friendly
  • Range of sizes
  • Rugged surface
  • Non-scratch plate
  • Fast model removal


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Product Dimensions 138x78 mm
Length 138 mm
Width 78 mm
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