eResin-PLA LCD
White / 1000 g

Versatile bio-based PLA LCD resin for every project
  • Great hardness
  • High-resolution prints
  • Good wear resistance
  • Minimal printing odor
  • Scratch resistance
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Product description

Discover 3D printing with PLA LCD resin by eSUN. The PLA LCD resin is a biologically based resin with PLA qualities, providing stable models while considering the environment. Create exceptional 3D prints with stunning detail and achieve high-performance 3D printing with eSUN’s PLA LCD resin.

The PLA LCD resin by eSUN is a high-quality resin that is relatively easy to use and can be printed by LCD resin 3D printers. The liquid has an ideal consistency, one that is not too thick or thin and can effectively be poured into the 3D printer’s vat.

Due to the brilliant precision that models are made with, a sophisticated level of detailing can be achieved for your printed object. With the PLA LCD eResin you can create 3D models for at home that will last. This resin is also known to be used in the medical industry where realistic prototypes are highly beneficial for research and work practices. 

eSun’s PLA LCD resin from the eResin line can be cured in a curing chamber or normal daylight. Furthermore, there are many post-processing options, for example, sanding will perfectly remove any visible layer lines, and allow a smooth surface for painting. The PLA LCD eResin produces low odors however it is still advised to perform your 3D printing in an area with sufficient air circulation.


GTIN 6922572267923
Net. Weight 1000 g
Resin Properties
Specialty eResin-PLA
Color White
Type LCD
Toughness 75-80D
UV Wavelength 395-405
$ 39  excl VAT In stock
Only 5 left, order now!

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