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Discover our grand assortment of 3D printing supplies and tools. RepRapWorld offers useful and crucial items for assembly, repairs, finishing, and more!

3D printing tools and supplies

Explore the collection of 3D printing tools and supplies by RepRapWorld. We cover parts for 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC milling. When creating and making, there are several handy items and equipment in place for you to work systematically and efficiently. From preparing your 3D print surface to polishing and sanding your 3D model, we have the tools for the entire journey. Make an order today and have it dispatched on the same working day from the NL warehouse.

Bed adhesives

We have 3D print surfaces for every occasion. You can find glass heated beds in a series of different glass materials such as borosilicate glass or carborundum glass, known for their great adhesion properties and easy removal of printed parts. We offer sheets such as magnetic sheets and PEI sheets. Both are superb and provide quick print surface changes. View our assortment of Kapton tape and sprays for additional adhesion. Avoid warping and curling by selecting the right adhesive for your 3D print.


Visit our glue subcategory to find glue for different applications. We provide appropriate glue for materials such as wood and paper. Furthermore, the glue offered in this section can have multiple functions, for example, the 3D Gloop! is an excellent adhesive and also works for sticking printed parts together.

Lubrication and greasing

Using lubricants and grease is key for the well-being of your 3D printer. Avoid damage and ensure safety with the frequent maintenance of your 3D printer. Lubricants and grease will decrease any wear caused by friction and allow your 3D printer to operate flawlessly. Be careful to not overdo it since an excess of oils and lubricants can also weigh parts down and affect the movement, defeating the purpose.

Memory cards and flash drives

View our selection of micro SD cards or memory cards, ranging from 8 GB to 32 GB. In this section, you can also find flash drives to easily store your information. Use a memory card or flash drive for a 3D printer or CNC machine.

3D Paint

Create artworks with the paint for 3D printed parts. The base color of 3D filament materials will originally be a yellow or grey color. Find out more about 3D filament on our guide to 3D filament. With our 3D paint section, you can beautify and enhance your 3D object and add that final unique touch. The acrylic paint dries fast and can be used on many surfaces. Explore diverse finished looks with over 60 colors.


Create with proper care and ensure that you are following safety procedures in your project.  Following. Protect yourself with our premium safety glasses. Provide innovative fire safety with a smoke detector that will alert you on your smartphone!

Sanding paper

Sanding paper is ideal for smoothing your creation. A sanded 3D model will have better paint adhesion. We offer coarse, medium, and fine sandpaper for any effect. Sanding paper is also used often to remove material residue from 3D prints. The sanding paper is available in rolls and sheets of different sizes.

Service kits

Always be prepared for your next 3D print with our service kits. Our service kits consist of spare parts to keep your 3D printer in top condition. Be sure to check if the service kit is compatible with your 3D printer.

Soldering and wiring

Visit our soldering and wiring section, consisting of solder tin and heat shrink tubes. Protect your electrical wiring with the heat shrink tubes and use our premium soldering kits to effectively assemble your 3D printer kit.

Storage and feeding

Keep all your 3D filament materials in splendid condition and be ready to print directly with our storage and feeding options. Spool holders are available as well as filament storage boxes designed to dry and preserve your 3D filament. Use a smart Bluetooth hygrometer to monitor your 3D filament through your phone!


Our tools are ideal for every step of the way. For all activities such as 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving, we have items that facilitate your creativity and productivity. Explore our tool section to view nozzle cleaners, impressive multi-tool sets, and more.

Coating and finishing

Achieve a striking finished appearance with the coating and finishing section dedicated to the final step of completing your 3D model or part. Apply a coat of color or use a repair and modification tool to refine or tweak your printed part. We provide Acetone as well as D’limonene for the removal of HIPS filament structures.

Do you have any questions about 3D printing supplies or tools? Please let us know through our customer service team!

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