Palette 3 multi filament system
1.75 mm

Perform multi-color and multi-material 3D prints at a faster splicing rate than before
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Canvas software
  • Quick installation
  • 4 filaments max
  • Upgraded Splice core
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Product description

Successfully print up to four different colors with the Mosaic Palette 3. This new version has received all the necessary upgrades and changes to ensure a seamless color and multi-material 3D printing experience. Get creative and print detailed and realistic prototypes with a series of materials and color combinations!

Use the Mosaic Palette 3 to splice and feed filament material to your 3D printer. With more filament materials in play, there are endless design possibilities. With the latest Splice core, the filament can be split up into four colors maximum at a faster rate. The Canvas hub which was previously used to connect to the Canvas software is no longer required thanks to having inbuilt Wi-Fi in the Palette. This has simplified connectivity and also cuts down on time. The Mosaic Palette 3 is also the ideal choice for creating more intricate parts that may require support structures. Support filament such as HIPS and PVA can be used to provide bridging or filling where needed.

The Mosaic Palette 3 has a sturdy casing and works consistently and reliably. In case you run out of filament, the Mosaic Palette 3 will splice to an available spool so that your print can continue uninterrupted. This version of the Mosaic Palette comes with a user-friendly software called Canvas where you can create 3D models, slice them and save all your designs. Please take into account that the Mosaic Palette 3 is compatible with filament materials of 1.75 mm.


General properties
sku MP3MFS175MM
gtin 850226000830
Color White
Max. temperature 250 °C
Product Dimensions 309x74x235 mm
Electrical specifications
Input voltage 110/240 V
Operating voltage 12 V
Current 4 A
Plug type EU Plug
Supported Filament
Filament diameter 1.75 mm

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