Ultratronics Pro v1.0

The number one 3D printer electronics, 32-bit microprocessor
This product is no longer manufactured and therefor not available for sale. You can however find alternative products, related upgrades and supplies on this page.

Product description

The number one 3D printer electronics, 32-bit microprocessor, four thermo couple and ethernet connectivity. Can handle up 2to four extruders.

Ultratronics is the latest development in 3D printer electronics. It has everything you need... and more. This board looks very similar to the populair Megatronics board, but it much more power due to the 32-bit Atmega SAM3X8E clocked at 84Mhz. This speed allows for more calculations and more features, which resulted in this 3D printer beast. Besides controlling 3D printers, this board can handle also other CNC tasks like milling, lasercutting, etc when different firmware is applied.

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gtin 8719345000560
Technology ARM
Type SAM3X8H
Frequency 84 MHz
Memory 512
Length 155 mm
Depth 112 mm
Height 25 mm
Thermistors 5
Endstops 6
Stepper drivers 7
Thermocouples 4
Keypad connector
SD Card
External SD card
External stepper drivers 7
Seperated heated bed input
Price breaks
1 - 9: excl $ 135
10 - 29: excl $ 128.50
30 - : excl $ 121.50
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Explore valuable add-ons that correspond with the Ultratronics Pro v1.0. The components and accessories will enhance performance and guarantee improved efficiency. Select a device or part that will make all the difference!

Graphical LCD screen v1.0
Cool 128x64 full graphical LCD (SPI)
  $ 43.75
Thermocouple cartridge K-type (1M)
Increase your temperature accuracy using this thermo couple
  $ 12.75


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