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Written by Lillianne Grootens on 17/09/2021

3D Gloop! the new adhesive you want to try out! It can be used to glue printed parts together but also as a bed adhesive. It can be used on glass and mirror surfaces. We have it available in 15ml, 75ml and 120ml for ABS, PLA and PETG. Click on the link below to find out more about your new best friend 3D Gloop!

3D Gloop!

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 13/09/2021

DDX v3 eXtruder

The Bondtech DDX v3 Direct Drive eXtruders are now available in our shop. This extruder will replace the original bowden extruder. It is a Dual Drive extruder based on the BMG bondtech mini geared.  The housing parts are printed with PA12 for maximum strength and precision using industrial grade SLS technology.  It is easy to set up and with the 3:1 gearing ratio you can achieve high resolution prints with small nozzles or high flow prints with bigger nozzles. Want to find out more? Then click on the button below to go the extruder you need.

DDX v3 eXtruder for the Creality ender and CR-10(S)  DDX v3 eXtruder for Creality

DDX v2/v3 adapters

We now have DDX v3 and v2 adapter sets available that will fit on your DDX upgrade kit for the Creality printers. The plastic parts are made of PA12 (nylon). The adapters will provide a better surface finishing and higher working temperature resistance. Please click on the button below to go to the adapter set that is suitable for your printer and find out more about the adapter.

DDX v2 adapter for the Micro Swiss All Metal  DDX v3 adapter set for Creality CR-10 v2 and v3 

DDX v3 adapter set for creality CR-10S Pro (v2) and CR-10 Max  DDX v3 adapter set for Creality Ender and CR-10 series

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 20/08/2021

The Frosted Acrylic sheet is the perfect plastic material for many CNC applications.  It has a matt finish  that is resistant to scratches and fingerprints. Besides this, the sheet is weatherproof and can therefore be used for both Indoor and outdoor projects! You will get 5 sheets. It is available for the A150, A250 and A350. Click on the corresponding button below to purchase the one you need.

Frosted Acrylic Sheets for the A150   Frosted Acrylic Sheets for the A250   Frosted Acrylic Sheets for the A350

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 11/08/2021

This 3D resin printer from Anycubic comes with some great features. The new matrix parallel light source results in uniform exposure, higher efficiency and a better heat dissipation, it has a speed of 80 mm per hour, a 3.5'' touch screen and a build volume of 13x7.8x16cm. You can level and set this 3D printer up in just minutes and you can even monitor and remote control your 3D printer with the Anycubic app. Want to find out more? Then click on the button below.

Photon Mono SE SLA 3D Printer

Written by Lillianne Grootens on 05/08/2021

This 3D resin printer with a 5'' LCD touchscreen is the ideal option if you are new to the world of resin printing. You have a build size of 127x80x160mm, integrated LCD light source, a powerful ARM CPU that handles the 2K resolution images that you need to print the tiniest details and more for an affordable price. Want to find out the other great features? Then click on the button below.

Halot one CL 60

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