Full metal cold end (J Head/E3d, 1.75mm)

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Improve quality and durability
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J Head Compatible Hotend


Product description

Improve quality and durability

The first iteration of a full metal cold end with direct driving of 1.75mm filament is now available from ReprapWorld.com. Less wearable parts improves reliability, while a better controlled filament flow improves the quality of you prints.

The body is made from anodized aluminum, professionally made with CNC machines, finished with a nice gold color. It fits on most RepRap carriages by, which comply with the 5cm 3mm holes. The mounting is compatible with a J Head type PEEK holder.

You can use (200*32) * (1/1) / (10.56*3.14159) by 1/32 step resolution for the steps per mm setting in Marlin. Change 32 to your step resolution.

Weight: 166g
Weight (incl stepper motor): 450g

Please read the assembly guide first, the hot end and stepper motor are sold separately.

Now compatible with E3D!


Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Material Anodized aluminum
Hot end type J Head

Kit contents

This is a kit of the following items.
Quantity Stock Product
1x (1 pc) Zinc plated steel plain washer,M5
2x (1 pcs) Screw M3X20 Philips (00)
4x (1 pcs) Screw M3X25 Philips (00)
4x (1 pcs) Screw M3x6
4x Compression spring - 20MM - OD 5MM
1x Full metal cold end (J Head/E3d, 1.75mm) Metal parts
1x MK7-compatible Drive gear 5MM shaft
1x Shielded ball bearing 608ZZ

New and improved! The E3D-v6 is smaller, easier to use and will give you a higher performance. 

 Here is the E3D-v6 TOP 9 improvements:

 It's ready for the runway

There are people that say looks don't matter. They are wrong. The E3D-v6 makes your printer look cool! The filament will never want anything else. And your friends? Well, let's just say you will be the king of your printing club with the new and improved E3D-v6.

 It has never been this easy

The E3D-v6 has made it possible that some parts could be eliminated in the assembly process. This makes assembly and maintenance very simple.

 5 Star printing rate

It doesn't matter what you want to print with the E3D-v6. It will give you the high quality that you demand. The prints will be sharper and more accurate, whether you're printing small, middle, large or enormous. The E3D-v6 will keep on giving you prints to be proud of and to show off to your friends.

It will print anything

Due to the PTFE liner the E3D-v6 can print with different kinds of filament. It could already print ABS and PLA. But now it can also print RealFlex and NinjaFlex, just to name two.

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

If you're used to printing only at 175°C, just wait until you start using the E3D-v6. It can easily reach 300°C and with a thermocouple you can even hit 400°C. Another advantage is that it reaches 200°C in a mere 65 seconds.

You can trust me

The E3D-v6 is much more reliable than its predecessors. The manufacturer did a lot of redesigning and took long and hard looks at the manufacturing process. The heat-breaks are redesigned and the inside of the nozzle has had a make-over. Due to these improvements you will get a wonderful finish and reduced force/pressure needed to extrude/restart extrusion.

Make it your own

A standard E3D-v6 will have a 0.4 nozzle. This is enough to give you good quality prints, with a perfect balance in speed, ease and resolution. However, we offer a lot of different nozzles so you can experiment what suits you best and what sets you apart in your printing ventures.

Small, smaller, extra small

In creating the E3D-v6 special consideration was given at the size and mass of the nozzle. This resulted in a total length of just 62mm. A reduced mass in the x/y dimension was achieved by means of a new fan duct.

We will help you

If you have any problems or questions you can contact us through e-mail or telephone. You can even pop by our store in Nootdorp (The Netherlands) on weekdays. We're open till 5 o'clock and on Thursday till 6 o'clock in the evening and every first Thursday of the month we have our "Pizza and Beer" party!!

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