Filament run-out sensor ( 2.85mm )

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Product description

Affordable tool to avoid failed prints, by detecting a filament run-out. Can be easily used on a endstop header and most firmwares will support this feature.

This product comes with a meter long wire which connects to your electronics. Use the following wiring schema:

  • Red - +5/3V
  • Black - Ground
  • White - Signal

Detection is active-high, which means that the signal line will be high, when filament is detected. The detector is black and has a clear arrow marking for the filament direction, a small green led show that filament is detected. The sensor can be mounted using two 3mm holes, for example directly onto a cold-end.


General properties
Color Black
Type Mechanical switch
Width 30 mm
Length 22 mm
Height 12.5 mm
Mounting hole size 3 mm
Wire length 100 cm
Electrical specifications
Operating voltage 3 / 5 V

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$ 5.70  excl VAT In stock
Dispatches same business day!

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