Full metal cold end (J Head/E3d, 1.75mm)

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Product description

Improve quality and durability

The first iteration of a full metal cold end with direct driving of 1.75mm filament is now available from ReprapWorld.com. Less wearable parts improves reliability, while a better controlled filament flow improves the quality of you prints.

The body is made from anodized aluminum, professionally made with CNC machines, finished with a nice gold color. It fits on most RepRap carriages by, which comply with the 5cm 3mm holes. The mounting is compatible with a J Head type PEEK holder.

You can use (200*32) * (1/1) / (10.56*3.14159) by 1/32 step resolution for the steps per mm setting in Marlin. Change 32 to your step resolution.

Weight: 166g
Weight (incl stepper motor): 450g

Please read the assembly guide first, the hot end and stepper motor are sold separately.

Now compatible with E3D!


Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Material Anodized aluminum
Hot end type J Head


    NEMA17 Stepper motor / 1.8° step / 4.8 kg.cm
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  • E3D
    E3D v6 - HotEnd Full Kit - 1.75mm direct 12V
    $ 91.38
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$ 83.23  incl VAT
Please contact us for an expected shipping date

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